Empire Of The Blind 2LP Red Swirl Vinyl

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Empire Of The Blind 2LP Red Swirl Vinyl


A decade on ice, Heathen return once more with new album, “Empire of the Blind.” Striking from start (“The Blight”) to finish (“The Gods Divide”) and everywhere in-between (“Shrine of Apathy” and the title track), the group’s long-awaited fourth album will undoubtedly restore faith in vicious yet brainy thrash, the very kind that put Heathen on the map. Featuring a thunderous Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Hatebreed, Act of Defiance) production, Travis Smith’s (Overkill, Exhorder) breathtaking cover art, and an inquisitive yet bleak lyrical concept, “Empire of the Blind” is the cure for dark times. Heathen are back!

Track Listing:
Side: 1
1. This Rotting Sphere
2. The Blight
3. Empire Of The Blind
Side: 2
4. Dead And Gone
5. Sun In My Hand
6. Blood To Be Let
Side: 3
7. In Black
8. Shrine Of Apathy
9. Devour
Side: 4
10. A Fine Red Mist
11. The Gods Divide
12. Monument To Ruin