• Image of The Evolution Of Chaos 2LP Blue Transparent Vinyl (2020 Reissue w/ Bonus Track)


The 1980s San Francisco Bay Area scene was a seismic moment in the world of metal and part of that moment was Heathen. “The Evolution of Chaos” was originally released back in January 2010, marking the band's first album of new material in 18 years. It saw them ride a wave of the resurgent thrash scene. Heathen return 31st January, 2020 with the 10th Anniversary remastered reissue of “The Evolution of Chaos” via Mascot Records. The release will be available on CD/DVD, 2LP and digitally with a previously unreleased bonus track ‘Seasons of Purgatory’. The new vinyl release has been expanded to 2 discs for optimal sound quality and is available as a blue transparent double gatefold release. Includes MP3 Download code. Contents of the vinyl:

Track Listing
Side: 1
1. Intro (Remastered)
2. Dying Season (Remastered)
3. No Stone Unturned (Remastered)

Side: 2
1. Control By Chaos (Remastered)
2. Arrows Of Agony (Remastered)
3. Fade Away (Remastered)

Side: 3
1. A Hero's Welcome (Remastered)
2. Undone (Remastered)
3. Bloodkult (Remastered)

Side: 4
1. Red Tears Of Disgrace (Remastered)
2. Seasons In Purgatory (Bonus Track)
3. Silent Nothingness (Remastered)